Now I Get It!

25/04/2015 12:44

Friend, are you one of the blessed ones?  Are you able to say, "I didn't get it, but now I get it.  God is real and He loves me and I am going to get to know Him!"?

Friend, this is a true blessing.  Praise God for your new knowledge and faith in the One who can do all things for you.  He can help you climb out of the high tree you have ascended and cannot climb back down, to reality.  He can move a mountain from your life if you allow Him.  He can reach down to the deepest depths and gently pull you up to safe ground.  He can simply put His arm around you and tell you He loves you and to follow Him, for a fulfilled life.

Whatever state you have managed to get yourself into, He can extract you from it if you are willing. 

Just give Him the reins and allow Him the freedom to be the Leader and Teacher and Guide of your soul, and He will give to you a Comforter and Counsellor to help your spirit.

Be a willing student.  Be anxious for nothing for He will provide all you need.  Just be the child who holds His hand and allows Him to be a Father.

Yes, Almighty God is your Father.  Your earthly father is a father of the flesh and may or may not have been a good one, but Almighty God the Father is a Good Father to His children.