One Book

25/04/2020 08:19

Friend, there is a trick, a delusion, that the devil plays on seeking minds.

We get so eager for Knowledge that we sometimes jump ahead of The Lord and follow satan, who is waiting with his innumerable demons to fulfill his every wish; to trap us in an extended (lifetime) search of never finding Holy Truth, but finding some "almost Truth" that will tickle our fancies just enough to help us continue down the road to Hell.

Those demons keep us from choosing The Holy Bible, and entice us into other "more interesting" books.

He directs these demons to waylay any seeker, believer, of Holy Truth.

Demons obey his every command just as we will, if we follow after him and get so trapped, we die in the trap thinking we have found God.

Consider the cults, the odd animal gods, the worship of rocks and mountains, the carved images, the iconic status of human entertainers, staying in cultures even when they're about violent expansion and land grabs. The things we get trapped in goes on and on. 

We waste our time here on all kinds of ungodly endeavours. Following every rabbit trail the devil concocts for us.

This is when satan is truly victorious; when he has our soul and there is no other Way for us to be reunited in Spirit with God because we die having never given our will to Jesus.

We want to keep our will thinking we know best, but we are like sheep being led to the slaughter by satan and his army of devils.

Satan is continually producing the written word, among other forms of communication and entertainment; films, television, radio through, many times unknowing, artists although some do know and honestly say " I sold my soul to the devil".

We love to find a "new,' "old" book with "proof" of other worlds and ideas and happily will read volumes of nonsense while the Spirit is gently showing us another Book, more Holy, full of Truth, Wisdom and Knowledge that the devil laughs at to encourage us to stay away from. (Because when we really study His Word, we find Someone Who loves us, and the devil is revealed as our adversary).

He uses humans to carry out this endeavour!

We call them gifted and talented and give awards to them!

Martin Scorsese has said of film when we are exposed to them; "Those images replay in our heads and we live our lives by them."

Satan's work is designed to keep Truth hidden from us, because He knows that hearing and reading God's Holy Word is Powerful and once smitten with God's Truth, we will no longer desire to follow satan and sinful ways of which he is the author and finisher in our lives.

Books are delightful to us. We love stories, and we love to be surprised by events unfolding in fiction. We find it easy to believe there are other ways to know God, and follow after many types of alternative belief systems of our own making or described in the entertainment we seek.

We easily (with the demon's help) accept science fiction scenarios, other world type stories, and weave those into our own thinking and come to a belief in all things other than a Great Creator God.

Yes, many of us are vulnerable, and come to believe; that much of what we read in them has either a small element of Truth or even worse, a huge amount of Truth in them.

This causes us to go feverishly running after more of the same so we can have the same "great" feelings as the previous book gave to us.

Among these books are the following genres; self-help, health, esoteric religions, ancient culture beliefs. 

Delusion for the rest of our natural lives is the end game for satan.

If he can keep us otherwise occupied in pursuing his machinations, we are doomed to spend eternal life with satan and to receive his punishment too.

Satan and his co-horts must jump about cackling with glee when they see they have "caught" us.

He tells us what we want to believe and it makes us feel important that we easily "get it."

But God has made only "One Way" and all others are fiction.

We inwardly know, that the Way of the Cross is a road of sacrifice of sinful ways, a daily giving of ourselves to Goodness and we would like to put it off for as long as we can, because we enjoy dabbling in sin.

We also know that we are living a sinful existence and God is aware of our sin. 

We secretly hate Him for being so Pure.

Yes, He Is, Pure.

And He wrote 66 books by The Holy Spirit; that to-day have found themselves bound together in the Holy Bible;which tell His Story, all that He desires we know about how we came to be; how to live; and how to communicate with Him. 

This is The One Book the devil wants to keep you from reading.

It is a Holy Spirit filled Book.

It contains The Word of God and it is The Word, Who is described in The Bible as Jesus, Immanuel The Christ.

There are things that God alludes to; doesn't reveal fully, in The Bible, and this is where the devil has his most fun.

They are called Mysteries, and no scholar of Christianity has been able to find the Truth of them because God does not find it necessary for us to know at this time.

Satan actually knows the Truth because He was close to the throne of God before rebelling. He takes these Mysteries of God, the unknown bits, and he confuses us with "great unrevealed knowledge" when in reality it is the writings of a deluded sinner filled with "peace and light" but in fact it is evil revenge and darkness, from Hell.

Let today be the day when you take up reading The Holy Bible.

The Old Testament gives an account of Adam, the fall of man, Abraham, Moses, The Temple, the sacrificial system, rules and vows, Joshua, Gideon, Samson, Ruth, King David, Psalms, Proverbs and Prophet Prophecies.

The New Testament begins with the telling of the birth of Jesus as heard by Matthew and others from conversations with Jesus in person, to His Death and Resurrection, plus prophecies and lastly Revelation, His Second Coming as told by John the Disciple.

Most Holy Bibles have a topical concordance at the back where we can look up a certain word we may have a question about and it will direct us to the passages throughout The Bible where the word is used.

When reading The Bible; Christians are encourraged to pray first - asking God The Spirit, to reveal to their hearts what He desires them to learn. 

The Holy Spirit is intent on revealing the Diety of Jesus to us as our Saviour Redeemer.

It is amazing how He will eagerly help us when we come to Him with a humble seeking repentant heart.

But, also the devil has a claim on us so we must be aware that he will try to delay us and confuse us and scoff at the Word as we try to find Truth. 

But a seeker and searcher intent on finding Truth, will find Truth.

Start with The Holy Bible, preferably King James Version as it has the closest translation into English from the original texts even though it is in a style a few hundred years older than our modern versions.