Ongoing Process

16/07/2016 13:10

Friend, the world is in great distress.

Many lives are in turmoil.

But, God offers us Hope in the form of His Son's Death and Resurrection.

Belief in Jesus who Is God, is Hope.

We can arise every day with Hope in our hearts and mind that fills our soul and spirit, allowing us to walk in God's Mercy and Grace.

In these troubled times we must stay close to Jesus.

Accepting the Son of God as God because the Father has told us it is so in His Holy Word the Bible; walking through our life in the Power that is God; speaking to God in ongoing daily communion with His Spirit; praising Him for His Goodness and Truth; worshiping Him because His Holiness, Law and Justice is Worthy to be praised; thanking Him for our life, for the new day, for showing us the Truth and helping us to change from our old sinful ways into the new creature so loved by Him.

Now, is a time to continue on the wonderful spiritual journey of enlightment into the Truth of Who God Is.

He is not a warmonger as others would have the world believe.

In this He is misreprented.

He does not cause wars and strife but, He allows men free will, and men, goaded by the satanic forces of darkness, do lead us into war even under the guise of helping God!

Trust in the ongoing process of spiritual renewal.

God's Mercies are new every morning. It's a promise of His for all of us, the unbeliever and believer.

Today you can choose to believe.

He knows how you got trapped. He will forgive you.

Just accept His Love and Forgiveness.