Only Jesus Can Help Us

06/12/2014 13:01

Yesterday a young man stopped my husband and I on the street to ask for money for food.  He said he had not eaten for days and was beyond hungry.  His eyes told us he was under the influence of something and his speech was slurred.  He was extemely thin, wasting away.

But, he stopped us.  As people walked around us to and fro, my husband asked him questions and spoke kindly to him.  It was obvious he did need food, but would he spend the money on food or his next fix?

Having had an alcoholic background my husband told him that he had been in a situation like his, and would give him some cash and he was to go buy food with it. 

While he reached for his wallet I "remembered by the Holy Spirit," that I had some tracts in my purse.  I found one and  after he received the cash from my husband I offered it to him and was able to hand it to the young man who took it thankfully.  I kept hold of  it a bit while I testified to him of the only One who could really help him.  ( He had spoken of being kicked out by his girlfriend and living on the beach with nothing but an old beach umbrella which he had slung over his shoulder.)

Yes, we could give him money which hopefully he would spend on food but that would soon be gone and his need would still be there.  He knew he needed to make a change and that he was on a spiral leading to death.

The tract I gave him explained this very situation and how to extricate oneself from it.  Jesus is the answer.

Our parting words to him were, " Read this and know that there is only One who can really help you, no-one else can help you like you need.  Look to Jesus and call out to Him."

I've continued to pray for him.  I know the Lord is responding and I hope the young man will respond to the Lord.

But, friend, we all need the Lord.  We are all in this young man's position - the circumstaces may be different but if we do not have the Lord as our Redeemer, then we have the same plight as this young man.

Only turning to Jesus for our help can help any of us.