Peace Within

01/04/2016 10:40

Friend, while the world around us is warring and tearing us down on all sides, we can have the Peace that passes understanding, within our soul.

We can go to the Fountain of Peace any time we desire more.

Jesus gives us access through His Sacrifical shedding of the Blood from the Most Precious Lamb of God, Himself.

Do you have a full understanding of the Sacrifice for all?

This is an important and crucial work that our Lord Jesus carried out for us.

He knows what the world does to us and He knew that we needed Peace.

It was not time to bring Peace to the earth in the terms we humans long for, but He gave us something bigger and better, the gift of Peace within each of us, that will see us through our dark days here on earth, when we believe.

The peace within allows us to see the world from the perspective of God.

We can forgive our brothers and sisters because they are lost and do not know of the Path that leads to Forgiveness and Eternal Life.

We can forgive ourselves because when we ask God to forgive us, we know that through our faith in Him, we have it.

Forgiveness brings Peace within.

Peace within begins to drive out sin, negativity, fear, and all the feelings and thoughts that keep us from knowing God.

We embark on a path of renewal of the mind. All the jarring ideas and opinions get exposed as untruths when we willingly allow God to teach and guide us into a personal relationship with Him.

This Peace that resides within us is the foundation that all the other beautiful aspects of Christian life spring from. Joy, Gladness, Thankfulness. We become forgivers of others. We learn to love as Jesus loves. We begin to understand Truth. We gain Wisdom and Discernment from a Godly perspective.

Without Jesus as the Head, the peace we experience is not full. The peace of the world always has to be worked at. It's a continual striving, whereas the Peace from God is a Free Gift and comes from having a deep relationship with him. Trusting Him as Holy God in our lives.