Praise Is The Antidote To Evil

07/05/2015 17:00

Friend, keep praising Jesus!

In your darkest hour - praise Him!

Let praises flow from your mouth early in the morning through to when sleep overtakes your body.

Always have a praise on your lips and in your mind and heart.

Know what to praise Him for; so that the thoughts and words will flow like a river - soft and gentle when needed and raging like a torrent when in dire need.

He is worthy to be praised so tell Him so. 

Everything He does is Holy, full of Wisdom and Truth, Life and Love.

Let Him know you know these things.

They are Life to your soul when you praise Him. Blessings and health and healing and knowledge, wisdom, truth, love, forgiveness, all come when we praise the Lord Jesus. 

We are in the mode to receive perfectly when we praise Him in love and truth.