Praise is the Key

10/08/2014 19:52

Friend, when you know  God you will see the beauty of who He is and you will have a desire to thank Him for showing you Himself.

When you enter into a state of praise that shows Him how much you appreciate and love Him, our Lord and Saviour is moved to be merciful to you.

If you see Him as a mean or angry God, one who will only give to you if you are "good" then you will never unlock the storehouse of His Treasures for you.  In that state you cannot praise Him.  If you did it would be phony and dead, meaningless.

Lift your hands to Him now and tell Him how wonderful He is.  Begin to thank Him for loving you even while you are a sinner.  Thank Him for the Sacrifice of His Body on the cross, the Blood that flowed and covers your sin, the Plan of the Father that defeats evil and gives you everlasting life.  There is so much to be thankful for! 

Praise unlocks the storehouse filled with His Light and blessings of Mercy in all areas of your life.

There are many beautiful songs of praise recorded by Christian artists.  Fill your home with these sounds and sing to Him.  You will be blessed.