Reach Up

01/07/2015 12:25

Friend, we can reach up and out to God at any time.  When a heart really needs or wants God, He is available!

This is the beauty of our God.  He is not insincere to tell us one thing and do another.

Do you need saving?  Tell Him.  He will save you. Just say "Yes."

Ready?  He is available 24/7, waiting for you to realize that you need Him.

Behind the scenes of your life, He is at work trying to get you to notice Him, to know that He is Life itself.

He is constantly showing all mankind that He is Everything That Is, the Great I AM.

Why do we turn our heads, and not want to know about Him? We are wilful to try things our way! We don't want to be sheep in the pasture of God.  We want to be leaders and overseers of others. 

God does allow this for us, to show us that it is not all it's cracked up to be - without Him as the head of it. 

For some it is just to be head of the house where we wreak havoc with our families to show our superiority of intelligence, physicality, talent, giftedness etc.

Ask yourself if you are using any talent or gift for a purpose less than Godly goodness.  Perhaps you see you have used selfishness, greed, laziness; yet you have fooled yourself only - because others see the Truth.

Time to turn to God and repent.  His hand is outstretched towards you.  Say "Yes, Father, I am a sinner. Save me," and He will grab hold of your hand and you will be saved.