Reincarnation & Other Ways to God

28/12/2014 09:42

God's Word says there is one life for each of us.

God's Word says that the only way to God is through the atoning blood of His Son whom we call Jesus, Yeshua.

Start with these two pieces of information and explore ever increasing aspects of your beliefs and bring them into line with these two sentences of Holy God spoken Words.

Can you neatly join up your beliefs with these two?

You will find gaps.  Gaps of deceit. 

If you are working towards going to heaven and you believe there is more than one life for your soul to live before going there, the Bible says you only have to live one life and believe in Jesus and then when you die your soul will be accepted into Heaven.

Why wouldn't you want to go this way?

If you are working to please God but don't believe in Jesus then you are on a slippery slope. God says you are required to believe in His Son of whom He is well pleased for His sojurn on this earth.

Why are you trying to be like Jesus without a belief in Him, the ultimate One?

Jesus lived a perfectly sinless life while here.  Other modern day and ancient day prophets, saints, and leaders of world religions have never done this. 

The Way to Heaven is through Yeshua.  He is the intercessor for you to the Father.  He is the only One who God has given the right to forgive us.  We must come to Him for forgiveness.  He was the One who suffered for your sins.  Only He can forgive you and set you on the True Path to God.

If you are a sincere seeker, this will resonate with you!

Bless you my Friend!