13/06/2015 09:54

Friend, today you have woken up to a new day. Rejoice!

Today you can decide to begin anew. Rejoice!

Ask for forgiveness for the past and recieve Forgiveness from the Lord - and begin a new day filled with promise for a life that is pleasing to the Redeemer of your soul and from the clutches of satan. 

This is why Christians the world over can have joy in their soul.  We know we serve a forgiving God. 

Jesus is the Creator, He speaks and His Will is done, perfectly.  All He does is perfectly Pure. Holy. He does not make mistakes.

If you feel the pull towards Him then acquiesce and get on board with Him, fully committed, knowing He will go before you to be your Guide.

Rejoice then that you have received Saving Grace for your journey.  His Mercies will be new every morning.

Each day walk in the knowledge that you are Loved by Almighty God, because you have chosen His Son, Jesus to be your Saviour.  You have found favour with the Lord!