Repentance And Restoration

24/02/2015 05:53

Friend, He died so you could be restored from a soul that will inhabit eternity away from Love, the Source of all things, to a soul that has the covering of righteousness so it can have eternal joy and happiness.

He is Love.  He alone is Pure Love.  His Love is unadulterated.

The love that the world (satan) offers is very adulterated.  We have all been deceived by the world.  It's offerings are tainted with all the lusts of life.  This is the only way we are drawn in and stay with what satan offers - lust.

Lust for what we classify as "delights for the eye, mind, and body".  They are all sinful.  Gluttony and laziness the simplest lusts, lead to terrible unhappiness within our spirits.  Others lead to us degrading ourselves in other ways that are harmful to our soul's quest for Life.

For those who say they will stay the course with satan - he is a created being.  He will suffer a fate too.  God's Word speaks of satan's fate.  He has been judged and sentenced. 

Are you following or subject to satan's fate?  Have you put your eternal life in his hands?  He cannot help you.

Many people have said that they would rather be with him in hell! This is because the scales over their eyes are blinding them to the Truth.  Their ears have been stopped up - they do not want to hear or see the Truth.

But God can restore anyone even the most lost, the ones falling over the cliff as I write this, can be saved by repentance.

God will restore those who seek to be renewed.  Is your heart and mind ready for the new journey to Life eternal?