Saved by Grace

29/06/2015 10:18

Friend, today, look inward.

Ask, "Am I saved?"

If you cannot answer in the affirmative with conviction then your soul is in danger of being claimed by evil for eternity.

The Lord asks that we be sure we are "saved."  He is able to discern the intent and motives of our heart and at the judgement we will know that we allowed our "self" to be fooled, if we have not accepted Jesus as our Saviour.

The days are dangerous that we live in.  Society says many things are okay for us to do and be but God's Word is the Law by which we are judged.

When we create belief systems or add to God's Word that which He has not intended, we have let sin be our guide. It is a delicate balance filled with difficult choices, to discern Truth.

First, the Lord says we are all sinners.  Not some of us, but all!

Next we should look at how the Lord sees us within the sinful world, if we are all sinners!

He says, some are saved sinners and some are not. Some are goats and some are His sheep. Some are covered by His Blood Sacrifice and some are not.

The Cross was what God the Father used to make a Way for the sinner who hungered for Truth.

Only a Pure and Holy Sacrifice could pay the price that would satisfy the Pure and Holy Law of God.

There was no created being in Heaven that would/could step forward to pay the price for all the sins of the world. But, the Son of God, Pure and Holy Jesus, said He would. And the Father agreed - because He loves us - that His Son who is Himself God, so therefore, God would fulfill the new Law for a sinful people to have a Saviour who would be the Sacrifice that God could accept.

It is a Free Gift to us who will accept the Son as Saviour and through this acceptance, begin a new life that is focused on pleasing the One who died for our sins, and obeying His Word which is full of Truth.

Yes, friend, one must be able to say to anyone, "I am a sinner saved by the Grace of God who sent His Son to die for my sins so I could call Heaven my home."