Seek And Find

15/01/2015 05:16

Friend, let today be the day that you find the open door to your soul and let Jesus in to walk and talk with you, to eat and drink with you and to have loving fellowship with you.

He stands waiting for your kind invitation before the day begins.

Let Him be the first you go to in the morning when you wake, and the last in the evening before you sleep.

Give to Him all your worries and concerns and be encouraged and uplifted in spirit when you listen for His promptings, as He shows the Way to you, that is best for your soul at this very minute in time.

He knows all and sees what is ahead according to everything to do with you.  He knows where every relationship stands and how to move forward to get the result that will be for your best interest.  He knows what you need to eat to have the best health.  He knows all the interactions that will be upcoming in your day in the workplace,  and every casual meeting or interconnection with others that is going to happen. 

Give Him reign over these and put on the garment of praise and prayer as you go about your day.

Cast off doubt, and self-pity and enjoy your day with Jesus, friend!