Seek The Lord First

16/09/2015 21:02

Friend, are you fighting a battle with something of the body, mind, or outer world?

If you are doing it from your own strength and thinking that you won't bother the Lord, then the Bible, the Holy Word of God says you have made a mistake.

Always seek the Lord's Will, His Answers first.  He sees the whole scope of your issue.  He knows all the players in the problem.  Some will be demonic and you cannot fight them alone. 

You need Holy Spirit Power to get rid of them.

Others will be strongholds in your mind that you have learned because of an upbringing where you personally were not believing yourself to be a child of God, nor were your parents Godly, so you developed ways of looking at the world and the evil world has deceived you.

Many are the children of Godly parents, brought up in a Godly home and taught Godly teachings who go into the world and proudly debase and make a mockery of their Godly upbringing.  They only "played" a part and had a stony heart where the Word fell - but would not grow.

True healing and overcoming will be based on Holy Spirit inspiration. Anything short of that is of the flesh and the flesh is not Godly without being born again - by the atoning Power of God's Son, who died for our new life in Him.

Seek His Answer to your problem through prayer, supplication, and the reading of His Word. 

Be obedient to His Lead and stay strong in His Love. You will overcome and you will know that the way you are going is the Way that Jesus has made for you.

Allow Him to show you why you are in the position you find yourself in; and find the strength to agree with Him.

When you can look at the world through the eyes of Jesus, you will have an understanding that will be very helpful to your spiritual growth.