Self Correct

22/09/2018 13:49

Friend, we all at some time or another have anxieties, despair, fear, anger, ailments, illnesses, mental anguishes of all kinds that cause us to lash out and make bad choices that can sometimes lead to dark paths.

It's important to know that God has given us all the ability to self correct and strike out on a better path, at any time during our lives. His Holy Spirit is close by waiting for us to see the Light; to desire to be better; to find God.

We come into the world untarnished by the world's evil. But it isn't long before family circumstances, choices made for us by those who love us and demons attached to other humans whom we encounter like teachers of all kinds, and those placed in authoriity over us such as helpers or babysitters etc. use us, influence us and demean or abuse us.

Everyone has a story to tell.

For those of us who survive, we learn that there really is evil in the world.

But yet we do not want to be evil, and we want to live.

The Bible is full of advice for us.

God has designed it to be a Help from above.

He wants us to read His Word as a Daily Living Letter from Him.

But we must have the heart of a little child; believing He exists and is Good.

With this kind of heart, we will understand His Word. 

He will speak to our heart and mind in those Words when we have let down the barriers and come to Him like a child.

When we approach the Word of God with a haughty heart and a mind that denies His existence, we will not hear from Him; a seed may be planted but usually it falls on stony ground.

These are things to consider when reading His Book.