Self - How We Love It.

26/08/2014 09:20


Even when we focus on our failures or negatives, we are exploring "self".  It's always about us.

In a conversation with another, our intent is to get our own view across and leave the person with "more" of us.

We are so driven by our own needs and desires!

The Lord wants us to focus on Him.  Why? Because He wants all the attention? 

No, it 's because when we focus on Him, we are removed from the selfishness of self and are then open to new thoughts and ideas that will benefit us in our life here.  Self is a closed door to God.  It does not like to let Him in.

It fears that He will rearrange the furniture some way we will not like. Or, it does not want to be like "that Christian" we think is odd, crazy, or beneath us. Perhaps we think our own thoughts are greater than a god we do not believe exists.

How amazing you must be if your thoughts are greater than Almighty God's who has created the human body, animals, trees, the entire unfathomable universe!  Oh, you have read books and studied other religions that have different, more plausible ideas and answers? 

How many leaps of faith have you had to make to believe these things? Is it possible you have found something that does exist yet is still not the Way to Eternal Life in Paradise?

Could it be an aspect of God yet not fully God, your belief?

Man  offers many roads and paths but they all lead away  from God, not to Him.  Many of them are peace loving, and filled with great promises yet they're still not the Way.

Jesus is the Way. 

Belief in the Resurrection and that Jesus sits at the right hand of God, that He is God, One with the Triune God, that He intercedes to the Father for His children, this is required.

For God gave us to Him (Jesus) as brothers and sisters, adopted into the Great Family Tree of God Almighty, because we believe.

We  are who God wants in the Kingdom. Believers in Christ.  How amazing is that!

God knows that if we love His Son, we will love Him and want to please Him.  In pleasing Him we unlock the floodgates of God's good and perfect will for our lives.  We will have a desire to know more about Him and He is waiting to teach us, and to raise us up as beloved sons and daughters.

But, loving self and self's great intelligence more will keep that door locked.  It will only open to a humble and repentant heart.