Sitting By

20/03/2016 13:38

Friend, are you one who would be described by Holy God as one who "sits by" and hears the Word, but never acts upon the knowledge as it sinks into the heart and mind?

It's good to "sit by" and listen. Some who "sit by" will have questions, and some will say in their hearts that what they hear or read of God's Word is "not for me."

But, God loves those who hear and decide to not "sit by" anymore; but to activately participate in the Kingdom.

The first step is to accept that God's Word is Truth and that God sent His Son Jesus as a Sacrifice for your sins.

There is a payment to be made for sin, and God is the Judge.

He will not have His Son suffer as He did and not have that payment made. Jesus died for us and we either accept it or we don't.

I know that I am undeserving but I accept that He offers to me Forgiveness for my sins, past, present and future when I walk with Him; always obeying Him.

It's actually very easy.

I know if I falter or even fail, so long as I am truly in all Truth trying, He is gracious and merciful and will forgive me.

Habitual and continual same sin is a dark and dangerous thing that cannot be allowed to flourish and God will work with you in this area if you allow Him, and you will overcome.

Friend, don't continue to "sit by."  Join the Victorious Army of Christ who has all the Power, far above the evil world can ever gather.

Satan is the Loser. Why are you on his team?

We have been given the winner! Jesus!  God is Gracious and Merciful!