Spiritual Life (#480)

11/12/2015 11:11

Friend, the Bible recommends that we draw close to God, seek Him and search for Him, and He will come close to us.

He waits for our approval. He waits for our acknowledgement that He is King, Creator, Truth & Love.

Can you say today that you believe these things about God?

If not, then what do you believe?

Is there a Good God?

Or is He an angry and vengeful God seeking to destroy all peoples, seeking to put them in chains and punish them?

Friend, there is a Good God.

He is Almighty, over all other idols and man-dreamed up gods. 

Native peoples from milleniums past have tried to understand their surroundings and the happenings within their communities, and have come to their own wildly devised conclusions that monkeys or elephants or the sun or moon are gods therefore to be worshipped or appeased.

No, God is Good and those are things He created, which we made into idols, not seeing the one who created, to our detriment.

Face it, early peoples lived very simply and allowed others to rule over them who too late; they may have found out that they were just hungry for power; not knowledgeable about Godly things at all; found themseves subjected to that ruler's whims.

They were sheep for a bad shepherd.

But Jesus is the Good Shepherd!

He takes care of His sheep. He went to the Cross for His sheep. He made a Way for His sheep to be returned to His flock.

That's me. I am a sheep returned to the flock!

When you turn to Hiim and draw close, you become conscious of Him more clearly, showing you new delights - the things that make your soul and spirit happy.

Thankfulness is a good start to drawing close. Look around there is always something to be thtankful for and if it is a good thing, then it was given, freely to you from the King of Heaven.

If you are in need you can appeal to Him and draw close also.

You don't need to go to Him with gifts. He is handing you the Gift of Life Eternal.

You only have to say, "I believe, help me Lord." You may be in rags, crawling along the ground, with scaps to eat and draw close to Him. He will welcome you. He is waiting for you to recognize Him.

That is the KEY

Leave all your complaints and worries at the foot of the Cross to be burnt up in the Fire of His Presence. He will from those ashes, make a beautiful smelling flower of your soul.

His Presence can overturn all the circumstances in your life to bring together great Harmony, Peace and Love, and you will know Truth and live in His Light.