Stand Firm In Your Faith

08/04/2015 12:33

Friend, it is important that we keep our eyes on Jesus the Author and Finisher of our faith in Him.

When we take our eyes off Him, we will stray back into old ways or venture into new spiritually unhealthy ways.

Knowing the Word of God and placing God's Word on our heart and in our mind, we will always have that quick answer for the dilemma that faces us.  In other words, we will know what He says we can do and what He says is the wrong thing that will cause us to fall, stumble and make excuses and thereby lose the solid ground we had gained - to be left standing in the muddy mire again.

Will He rescue you again and again?  When you ask with a pure heart, He will.  But, friend, what if you get caught and your soul is required to stand before Almighty God and you are in your sin and have not listened to God or obeyed His Word?

Where are you then?  God sees what you have been doing and how you have used His Son, over and over again to continue in sin and get forgiven but have not advanced in your faith one bit.

Maybe you have allowed yourself to be deceived and are not a believer after all - but one of the goats that must be separated from the sheep.  They graze contentedly with the sheep but will not follow the Shepherd.  They listen to another false shepherd.

We must stand firm in our faith and become true followers of Jesus, knowing His ways and His statutes. 

The Holy Bible is our guide - suitable for daily living - in every circumstance.  It shows to us the heart of God and a miniscule aspect of the mind of God, enough for us to believe and have faith.