Start now - The Cleansing Of The Soul Takes time

21/05/2015 21:44

Friend, we are guaranteed nothing.  Life for many is short. We never know when our time is up.

Satan seeks day and night to destroy us.  We see so many young people die before they have experienced a whole and fullfing life.

That is Satan's ploy. Get rid of the young, and get them in their sin before they have the chance to find out about God.

He especially goes after  young people who have never had a religious upbringing or teahcing.  He takes their lives through drugs, alcohol, and other bad choices and decisions when they listen to his army of evil demons who entice with promises of lust, riches, envy, jealousy, covetness, getting lost in drugs and alcohol, anger, spitefulmess, lies and insanity and quick riches.

It is so important for parents to have their children exposed to Godly Christian teachings.  If your school offers it, let your child attend and be exposed to the knowledge that will help them make Godly decisions in their lives to come.

Christian Youth groups and activities are the answer to your young teen's anxieties and angst. ( You must be aware of what they teach and the activities as any human can make a bad choice or decision at any time.)

The Holy Spirit will encourage and uplift their spirit and create in them a new heart and mind of love and light and peace and glory and care and kindess and generosity.  Your homelife will be changed if they have this exposure to God's Word.  They will make better choices and realize how to develop good relationships with both boys and girls.

The early years are the best time to start the groundwork and foundaton of a spiritual life that will see them through their life and bring victory in Jesus and entry into Heaven.