Stay The Course

19/04/2015 13:12

Friend, the Lord's Word for us every day when we arise is, "Stay the course, my beloved!"

He sees the conditions that are set before us and knows we will need to stay the course with Him in order to overcome the obstacles that evil has put in our way.

But, God has plans to help us be overcomers when we have the will to stay the course with Him.

He will, minute by minute give us the courage, the peace and strength to move forward through the murky mire when we look to Him for those qualitites and help in our time of need.

Be thankful that you have this beautiful bond with your Saviour and stay close to Him with thanksgiving in your heart for His tender loving care.

In prayer, communicate your needs and worry and fear to Him.  Let Him take those burdens on and leave them to Him to cut away from you like a surgeon would cut a cancer out of your body.  The Lord will cut those things from your spiritual life and your soul if you allow.

Satan cannot win when you pray and speak to your King of all Kings, Jesus.  It is a Law of God that satan will not win when you have committed your will to God's care.

Today, I needed to hear that my Lord will not forsake me.  He will not leave me alone.  He is with me wherever I go and even though I go into the lion's evil lair, I am still covered in His Strength and Peace and Protection.

Evil will not prosper against me.  Like the bible verse says, "No weapon formed against me shall prosper." Isaiah 54:17

As a believer you can claim this as your own mantra for the day.