Stay The Course

08/07/2015 09:30

Friend, we must "stay the course" if we are to gain the prize of eternal Life with our King.

This life is hard and evil throws bad things at us all the time in order to keep us unbalanced mentally, spiritally and physically.

Satan attacks us mind, body and spirit and the Lord will sustain us if we stay the course with Him.  It is called faith and He will bolster our faith if we focus on Him and communicate with Him - listening for His voice and reading the Word to know His Way, Promises for us, and Plan for us.

His Way and Plan for us is always for our good. Yet evil does have power in this world and will tempt us and undermine us at every opportunity just as Satan tempted Jesus.  But our Lord, always answered the devil by quoting scripture. 

"It is written...." Jesus said, and He would quote the appropriate scripture.

This is a great lesson for us.  We too can quote scripture back at the devil when he tempts us. This is why it is of great benefit to study the Bible.  Once we know and place in our heart and mind certain scriptures, we will never fail to overcome the devil's wiles.

He will flee and leave us alone until the next time he sees we could be tempted.

So friend, stay the course and be strengthened by the renewing of your mind with Holy Scripture.