There Are Some Who Cannot See Jesus

08/11/2014 10:41

God has a name for those who will not see Him; who will not recognize His Son.

This may sound harsh but upon reflection you will see that it is the only word that can be used.

However, as children of God, it is not a word we should use.  Only God knows who the fool is.

Here are some examples of what God has said about the fool.

The fool despises wisdom and instruction and hates knowledge.

The way of a fool is wise in his own eyes.

The fool exhibits all his follies thinking he is deceiving others.

A fool returns to his own foolishness just as a dog returns to it's own vomit!

A fool trusts in his own feelings.

The fool says, "There is no God."

A fool blasphemes the names of God.

The fool is prideful and speaks pridefully, boasting and lifting himself up above others.

Fools mock what God calls sin.  They indulge in every sin to the fullest throughout their lives.

The way which the fool chooses, seems right to him - but it will bring only sorrow to him and his laughter will be extinguished.

The fool spends up his treasure, his earnings, his gifts.

There is still time to discover one's foolishness!

Repent and ask for wisdom.

He is faithful to those who knock and seek.

The road may be rocky but God will be with you and you can rest in His comfort and peace and love.

An eternity in hell with the unrepentant and maliciously evil monsters who will be your companions is not desirable at all, so turn to Jesus and believe He is the Great I Am of all things and can heal you.