Tested In The Fire

22/04/2016 12:02

Friend, daily we are tested, wouldn't you agree?

Do you not see and feel the fire from time to time?

Be grateful! Your faith is found worthy to be tested!

Truly, none of us are worthy to be called sons and daughters of God.

God's Word tells us that it is not our worthiness that gives us access to Him, but it is by His Grace we are saved.

His Great Grace and Mercy are what holds this world together.

Without Grace and Mercy, evil would reign supreme.

But with His Grace and Mercy, evil cannot reign in full. It will always be tempered by God's Grace for those who have even the smallest desire to know Goodness.

We struggle against the powers of evil in this world, and we can be victorious spiritually even while we live and are singed by the evil army.

Allow Him to redeem you and remove the twisted perversions and heal you with the healing balm of Goodness and Mercy; wrap you in His arms of Love and Beauty; teach you of His Truth and Wisdom.

Stretch your faith to believe in the Goodness of God wholly, and without fear.

Fear what evil can and will do to you; lie, cheat and steal to but name a few of it's tools for the plundering of your soul.

Be a brave soul and let the Lord show you of His Mighty and Victorious Ways as you negoiate through the evil alleyways of life.

He will be with you in the fire when you are fully abandoned to His Will for you.