The Cross Is So Amazing

08/10/2014 10:06

What the Lord did at the Cross is so amazing!  So much was accomplished.  The devil was foiled.

Jesus fulfilled prophecy when He died and was resurrected.  The Old Testament tells of His coming to make a Way for us.  The prophets, and King David  spoke of His birth, His ministry and eventual crucifixion and Jesus Himself spoke of how He would fulfill those prophecies. And He did!

If it weren't for the Cross, we would not have a Saviour and the offer of the free gift of salvation through Jesus.

The Resurrection would not have happened.  He showed us there is life after death.  He showed us what He offered.

God showed us that He is invincible.  He can out-think and out-plan the devil and anyone of us.  And He had the Plan of Redemption for those who recognize there is one in operation since He created this world.

This world has a specific purpose and multiple layers of purpose I am sure we have not discovered yet.  God created the earth and put man on this earth.  He created things of beauty for us to enjoy - this showed He cares for us.  He met every need He created in us.  But still we chose and still choose to day, an evil way.  That is ours to choose.  God can deal with it and has a plan for those who choose evil.

If your god is an angry and hateful and prideful god you too will be filled with anger and hate for your fellow man.  Do you hate?  Are you driven by anger? Are others not good enough for you to let them live?  Do you have no sympathy for the elderly, disabled, weak?  Are others for using and getting something? Are you filled with crazy-thinking you cannot stop? Do you hate the mention of God? 

Take time to ask yourself those questions.  It will tell you a lot about yourself.

There is a Way out - from any of those ways that will not lead to anything but more of the same in ever increasing heightened states of evilness.

Friend, you can never be as evil as Satan is though, so you will only ever be used by him.  You can join him but you are never a full member of his club.  He is the ultimate evil and you may be on your way to becoming like him but you will never win, over him.  Satan wins in the evil department.  Every other demon is lower than him and will be used by him. He's not your buddy, he's not your master in the true sense of master, he's your abuser that's all.  He has fooled you, deceived you and abused you and will continue to do so unless you decide you want out.

In an instant you can be out. Jesus leads the Way. Look to the Cross and see Salvation and Eternal Life.