The Divine Giver

05/05/2015 12:16

Friend, Jesus is known as the Divine Giver.

It is His delight to give to us according to His Law.

He cannot break His Law or bend it to suit us, but He does delight in giving all good things to us.

Friend, decide to be a receiver of His Good Gifts.  Speak to Him and tell Him that you believe and want to receive all He has for you.

Decide today to be a good steward of all the gifts He gives to you.  The Gift, of knowledge of Holy inspired thinking, and the Gift to let that knowledge flow through you and be a blessing to others, is a wonderful Gift that helps both you and the receiver of your own blessing.

As you walk this road of blessings you will find gems and jewels along the Way, that are for you and you alone as well. 

Will they be material Gifts?  Sometimes, but they will always have a spiritual value; for this is the currency of Heaven.

Mercy and Grace are Gifts from Jesus as well.  Never forget to thank Him so you may continue to receive.

Friend, I have gone years during my early days as a Christian and later upon meditation have discovered, like a light going on, that a certain turning point in my life or an instance where something came together for me in the natural world that I thought was like a "fluke," was a Gift from God.

All those years not thanking Him!  So be careful and acknowledge the Gift when it comes.

Look back at your life and see if there are instances when you definetly received a Heavenly Gift and have not as yet acknowledged it. 

Friend, it's never too late.  Do it now.  Thank Him for His Mercy and Grace towards you for not knowing and going on without thanks.

And let the flow of blessings to you be opened wide again!