The Goodness of God

05/09/2016 14:34

Friend, God is concerned with your welfare.

He knows what you are going through, the thoughts you have and the worries that consume you.

He tells us in His Word that He cares for us and we can lean on Him.

Why do we try everything but handing Him our troubles?

We want to be the one who fixes everything. who has all the answers, who can do a better job of it all.


We have the free will and we are determined to use it and in some cases abuse that freedom.

His Word says His ear is listening to us at all times.

He cannot act without our permission. His Law is in force and in it He gave us Free Will.

It's when we ask Him, that we receive.

He sees the paths we walked and where they have led us.

We're in the wilderness and many of us are lost, but without recognizing Him and the Son and repenting of our foolishness, we will never make it out of the wilderness.

It is a difficult and sorrrowful place, the wilderness.

People can dress it up, and dress up all they like, trying to make it desirable and happy, but in reality it is all vanity and foolishness.

When you recognize this as a fact, you have come to a crossroad. Take the Path of Righteousness and begin your climb up the Mountain of God.

Lean on Him on the steep path and reach out to Him on the craggy edges. He will always steady you and minister to you; body, mind and spirit.

He will cause all things to come together for Good for you when you walk with Him.

He knows your way to the top of the mountain. Be as a little child, filled with wonder at your surroundings, never concerned for what lays ahead, trusting in the Father to be Good.

And He Is.