The Holy One

22/07/2015 15:00

Friend, the Lord is truly The Holy One.

He dwells in the Holiest Place, yet He is seeking to have a relationship with you, a sinner like myself.

Why do we keep Him behind us?  Always the back is turned!

It is so foolish when He has made a Way for us to be able to stand before Him, facing Him and seeing His Greatness. 

In Christ's Holy Sacrifice, the Perfect Sacrifice, we can have forgiveness of our sins and be covered in the Blood shed; and have gained the right to stand before God in forgiveness of all sin.

The Holy One has left His Word for us to chew on and have our hunger and thirst satisfied.

The Bible is God's Word and it is our Friend in times of doubt and hurt and turmoil.  In it we find Solace and Truth and Wisdom, for our situation. 

It is our Guidebook for Life. A Troubleshooter  - go to the back and look up the a word  ( like - suffer) and find the chapter and verses to see what God has to say on the subject and allow the Holy Spirit to speak to your own heart and mind through those words.

You may find the weapon to use against an enemy; or food to feed your spirit. 

God's Word doesn't change either.  His Law is Just and stands forever.

The Holy One has a lot to say in the Holy Bible and satan would like to keep you from reading it.  It is that Powerful.

We can depend on God's Word, the Holy Bible to be our Rock of Stability and Security.