The Hour Is Late

13/04/2015 10:09

Friend, I hope you are a believer in the Son of God, Jesus.

If not, the hour is late and to not choose to believe in Almighty God's will for your life is to deny Him, and consequently, you have made a choice according to His Law, for darkness.

Today, you can choose something different for your life.  You can turn around and face God and see the Glory and Majesty of a Good and Wise, all Powerful, all Knowing, all Seeing God. 

In 1st Kings 18:21b in the Old Testament it says...How long will you go limping with two different opinions? If the Lord is God, follow Him.

For unbelievers, the Lord says every day, "Choose today whom you will serve." When you open your eyes in the morning - these are His words to you.  And we go about our day with them enveloping our being. 

This is why we feel guilt when in sin.  It is the Lord saying, "Choose the better way, do not destroy your soul.  I love you and have a plan for your life.  I am your God, accept my Love. Do not fear, I am with you, just recognize me and allow me to guide you. Speak your pain to me and I will give you peace and rest. I accomplished  something great for you on the Cross.  I can cover you with the Blood of my Sacrifice and Resurrection so you to may have a resurrected life both on earth and in Heaven."

The hour is late, my friend. Choose wisely and choose soon.