The Mind Is A Battlefield

21/04/2015 08:45

Friend, have you found that there are influences in your world of daily life that threaten to keep you from a close and intimate relationship with Jesus the Saviour of your soul?

I have. 

Sorrow and sadness chase after us to trip us and make us a victim of our circumstances, but know this; the mind is the true battlefield.  When you can overcome in your mind you will be truly victorious.

Decide today to bring all thoughts under your control with the Holy Spirit's help. He is waiting for you to ask Him for help as follows: Holy Spirit, thank You for Your care and concern for me.  I ask You to help me overcome the battles in my mind.  Show to me the things that are important to work on.  Help me to defeat all the thoughts that lead to ungodly conclusions and deeds.   Remind me of God's provision and love when I am fearful and anxious. Quell the doubting thoughts and bring me into a right relationship with Jesus.  Praise God and blessed be the name of Jesus. Amen