The Mind

26/01/2016 16:02

Friend, when God considers your mind, will He find it narrow and confining?

Be honest.

If your heart is cold or hard, your thinking will be narrow and confined.

If your heart is enlarged towards others and all that God has provided for us, then your thinking can be enlarged also.

The place to start is with the heart.

Forgiveness is key. The past must be let go, daily until it no longer plays a part in our thinking.

Think about God, how giving He is, how He loves us - sending His Only Son to suffer; shed blood as a Sacrifice for our sin. What kind of Love is this?

We must ask ourselves, "Why?"

He must have a Plan for each of us!

He must Love us with a Holy Love; pure and unadulterated.

Therefore it is wise for us to control the mind. Don't allow it full roaming power to destroy your soul or spirit. He has given us the power over our mind, to control it and the Bible tells us we must do this continually, in order to grow into mature believers.

Speak forcefully to it to show you mean business. Begin today to clean it up, and do not allow with the Spirit's help and guidance, any more demonic, negative, unacceptable thinking to take hold in your mind.

Look out on the world with a happy and loving heart, be a willing soul and allow God's Spirit to make a Way for you where before there seemed to be no way.

The past is the past and you are "here" now!

Take that first step joyfully, into the future knowing that He loves you. He died so you could!


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