The Praise Of Gladness

31/07/2015 10:45

Friend, do you have a glad heart?

Almighty God loves you! This alone is grounds for gladness.

Even though you are a sinner, He sees your potential and because you are part of His creation, He loves you.

Every thing He creates is perfect. We may look at something and to our eyes it is not perfect, but God sees the spirit within and knows that He gave you a perfect spirit.

We allow the world to tarnish our spirit; and the things that have shaped us in the world like abuse and unloving and uncaring adults has pushed us towards accepting anger and revenge and sorrow into our hearts and minds.

But God sent His Son to alleviate all that suffering.

When we accept Jesus as our personal Saviour, we are saying to all the negativity that we no longer want a part of it and that we are accepting forgiveness for our own part in the destruction of our soul. We are telling the Lord that we accept that He will renew our mind and spirit and; that we turn over our body to Him for healing also.

We should not run from God, but run to Him.  He will make a Way for us and day by day it will get better in our spirit and soul and body. 

The sooner we fully submit to His leadership of our life, the sooner we shed the trappings of infants and begin to grow in the Kingdom.

Offer up the praise of gladness to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and accept the healing process of your mind, spirit and body.

How far you have gone down the bad road will determine how much work the Lord has to map out for you. But He sees all and knows all and is therefore in the perfect position to get you out of the mirey mud you have walked into.

Have a glad heart and prepare your mind for the journey forward into the Light, to receive Peace and Comfort for your soul.

Don't hold back and allow any stronghold to stay in your mind, body or spirit.  Get rid of it all and let the Lord fill you with His healing balm.

Praise Him for all He is going to do in your new life in Christ who saved you.