The Pull Of The World

02/10/2014 12:28

We must walk closely with Jesus if we are to break away from the pull of the world and all it's addictive and unholy desires.

He will see us through every trouble and trial and free us from all evil bondage.  Only He can unloose the chains and throw them into the deepest ocean never to return.

Walking and talking with Him daily in prayer and quiet times - even times of great distress and trouble will gradually wean us from these annoying habits and issues that keep us from having a loving and free relationship with Him.

Recognizing a demon when we see it at work in our life or the life of others requires connecting with Him as your Guide and Protector and asking for help to remove it - in His name, because He has the Power to do it for you.

His ear is ever ready to hear our cry, and He will act.  He loves His children and knows the Way out of the affliction.

He will not impose Himself on you as a demon will.  You must ask for His help.

Speak out your trouble to Him - it helps the mind and heart to explain to Him and in these times, He can "speak" to you. Be ready to hear and take notice and act on His answer and direction for your problem.

The answer most likely will be something for you to do or say, not for the other person.  He is growing you and something will be required of you to get yourself out of the mire.  When you do what He has asked, you will see a consequence of that choice - usually in yourself.  That is all He requires.

Peace will be yours and hopefully understanding so you don't "go there" again.

Don't allow the pull of the world to conquer you.  Begin now to wean yourself from it and receive Peace.