The Safe Place

26/11/2015 20:55

Friend, stay in the safe place where you are so close to Jesus, that you find it more beautiful to be there than anywhere else the world offers.

We love our selves so much that we often think it is not a sin. In fact the world tells us these days to love ourselves first and then all things will come to us that we desire.

This is a big lie from the wicked one who desires to capture your soul for his own purposes - and they are not good, not something you will love when the time comes to pay the piper.

The wicked one will give you some of the things you desire to keep you lulled into a sense that loving yourself and placing yourself first is the right thing to do, but God's Word says this is not a Truth, but a lie from the pit of hell designed to deceive you.

Many are the souls who fall into the trap and cannot see their way out, dying in their false belief, and even sprouting it in books and entertainment venues as the "right" thing for all humans.

Don't be misled. Follow God's Word. It is the Truth. It will be hard at times but the joy in the spirit will see you through when you follow closely behind Jesus. Just walk in His footsteps.

He will never lead you astray or away from Truth, Love, Kindness, Gentleness, Light, Peace in your soul, and all the other wonderful attributes of God's blessings that are ours to take into our spirit to help us grow and be strong in Godly  pursuits.

It's important to daily discipline the mind and body. Count it all pleasure to follow your Lord and Saviour who gave His life and suffered terribly so you could have everlasting life. Don't throw that away for momentary, temporary life here on this earth.  Look to the future - the everlasting life and make choices based on that scenario, not just today's needs and wants and desires.

Don't ignore the Lord's presence in your life. When you have acknowledged Him as God, then don't deny His Presence in your life.

Your acknowledgement of Him caused Him to enter into the throne room of your heart and take up residence. From there He guides and directs you. This you will find manifested to you as conviction and confirmation as the situation demands. 

He takes His responsibility to you as Law and will not waver until you ignore Him and He cannot get through to you. These are the times when we actually move far from Him - not wanting His Fatherly concern anymore.

Have a humble demeanor and know that He is for you and willing to work with your sprit day and night never wavering from arranging all things in your life and making ways where there seem to be no ways.

Sometimes things take a while because He is also working with others who will not listen to Him and deny His existence therefore thwarting Him, but He sends the Holy Spirit to work closely with them to change their thinking so that His plans for you will be fulfilled.

Just stay close to Him in the safe place knowing He cares for you and has your best interests at heart and He will accomplish what He has planned for you, as long as you stay committed to Him and the kingdom of God.