The Straight Path

24/02/2015 05:29

Friend, the straight Path to eternal life is the answer to all the questions that life today poses.

Meandering down the side roads and boulevards causes us to get lost on the many little paths that lead off them into darkness.  Those roads are dark but they seem to be okay.  Then the turns we make off them lead into total darkness for our soul.  The way out is too far or too steep.  It's like we jumped off a cliff and cannot get back up.

One of these roads of course, we all know to be drugs that cause us to be dependent on them.  Other roads are full of  pride or as simple as wrong thinking.

The only answer is knowing and believing in the One True God, Jesus.  His atoning Blood has paid the price for all us to be placed back on the straight Path. We do not have to stay at the bottom in all the muddy mire, sinking ever deeper.

All we have to do is call out to Him and ask Him to save us - believing in our heart and mind that He can save and saying to Him that you are sorry for your unbelief. It's called repentance for your past choices.

Once on the Path, stay the course.  He is with you and will help you walk straight.  If you wilfully go down another road, He will allow it because you have the free will to do so.

It's up to you to stay on the straight Path that leads to a balanced life, a loving and kind nature, a new knowledge and understanding of life, receiving of all the spiritual blessings that are promised to the believer and everything else the Lord has stored up for you.

Let the straight Path be your choice and walk forward knowing He is with you.