The World Hates Believers

25/05/2018 22:39


Friend, are you one of those who hate anything to do with God, Jesus, Heaven, The Bible, Religion, Godliness, in it's many earthly forms?

It is true, that if one has a demonic spirit embedded within them, they will hate anything to do with Godliness.

The demons know about God, but they have chosen to follow after darkness; satan.

A demon is capable of indwelling a good person who does not have the Spirit within, to guard and fight against it.

Jesus cast out demons from humans when He walked as a man on this earth to do God's Will; to carry out the plan of God, to fulfill His Law and Prophecy (Words that he had spoken about the future on earth).

Some demons, He said are so heavily embedded within the soul and psyche of individuals, that they are extremely difficult for a believing holy man even like His Disciples, to cast out.

He called for fasting and prayer, before ever attempting to remove certain demons that had not been cast out by commanding them to be gone "in the Name of Jesus."

It is obvious that many people today and through the centuries, are and have been infested with demons, because we see the extremely horrific sins they perpetuate on other humans, animals, the earth, property owned by others, and even those like themselves.

There is no other word to describe humans of that nature, than "evil."

Today we see that it seems to be the majority of people who hate God; but it has always been that way. God is allowing it for a time and it is up to each one of us to figure out who we will follow.

Believers are in danger of losing the majority. What will happen to the world when it is run by laws and people who hate God? Every sinful thing will be allowed and everyone who believes in ungodliness will turn on each other for that is what evil does; and all good people will be gone.

Demons have entered those who were unaware. These people, ignorant of God's Holy Warnings in His Word, The Bible, have believed what satan has broadcast to the world in the entertainment we watch, the songs we hear and the words we read, through the people he has enticed with promises of wealth and higher living in this world. In their belief and acceptance of these evil offerings, the demons enter and set up home within the soul.

We hear them espouse their ungodly views on television, radio and all other forms of broadcasting information to others, and in interviews. to them it sounds "modern" and "forward thinking."

They believe to get rid of Godliness and to allow or usher in these new ways of being human will make a better society; but satan has other ideas. He is just using these modern thinking people to be his spokespersons. Later they will find themselves sittting in the goats pen while the sheep of God bask in the Light and Love of their Saviour.

The poor will be tempted by the promise of riches in this world, when they are not aware of the Greater Riches of God's Promises.

Today we are all encouraged by the world to grab and "go after" every bright and shiny worldly (evil) bauble we see.

The world has engineered it so that even human babies are exposed to ungodly abominations from their earliest years.

It is so hard for parents to bring up their offspring in the nurture of the Lord. The governments control the schools and allow teachings that are totally against what God says is Truth; they teach how to live ungodly sinful lifestyles in the earliest grades in order to indoctrinate them into ungodliness; to become good little consumers of foolishness; rather than teaching Godly ways that will enhance children's experiences and growth in the Truth.

How sad it is for those who know the Truth and trust in their Saviour God Who died so they may know Truth; to see precious children being used by the evil ones.

This life is so short and many of us do not even have the hope of reaching 80 years due to sickness, poverty, and accidents. The time we have to find Truth is filled with "doing" and we are not aware that evil has devised and engineered this scenario in order to blind us from knowing God.

And many of us reach old age with beliefs formed from the battering we took from evil, but which we ascribe to God not realizing that He gave us Free Will to choose; and we have chosen "nothing' which really is "something," named evil.

Yes, friend, the world hates believers, but I'd rather be hated by the world, than deemed not worthy to enter the Heavenly Realms of Almighty God and do the Will of God which will be Amazing and Perfect, because He is Amazing and Perfect in all He does, because He is really, Almighty God.

Think about these things, friend; 80 years here on earth and then the Judgement, or an eternity with God, Good and Loving?