The World Walks In Darkness

25/05/2015 11:14

Friend, the Bible tells us that the world walks in darkness.  To the unbeliever, the world is everything.  They believe in themselves or others like them who have "made it".

Today, God says to them and to the believer, come into the Light, learn of Me and find Hope.

When we reason within our own mind without the guidance of the Spirit, we will never come to the Righteous Conclusion that there is a God. Only by the Holy Spirit will we come to the knowledge of God.

He gives flashes of lightning thought, that shine brightly for a brief instant, until we decide to think about those flashes of Knowledge. This is the Spirit, communicating with you to get your attention.

It is a choice to believe. 

Friend, meditate on all the "why" questions and you will find that there is a God.  Let all preconceived ideas fall aside and listen for Truth. You will find the Truth when you seek it.  And you will find it fast when you put self aside and focus only on Truth, and accept your own assumptions as untruths quickly.

Have faith that God will teach you at the level to which you are able to understand; and put aside "self."

Decide to choose to not be seduced by the world and darkness any longer, but to seek the Light and find Love and Peace and Truth and Hope.

Choose the mind of God and the help from the Holy Spirit to enlighten you in all matters from this day forward in Light, and not the darkness of the world.

God says in Psalm 81:13a  O that My people would listen to Me.