There Is Much To Be Learned

28/08/2014 09:52

The Bible shows us there is much to be learned.  As we dig deeper into meanings in His Word (Bible) we will find that new worlds of knowledge begin to be revealed. 

The Lord asks us to open our minds because He sees that we have closed off much of it.  We have confined our thinking and adapted what we have allowed in to suit our narrow thinking processes.

He always has a "word" for us everyday and every moment.  These passages from the Bible are meant to challenge our thinking, enlighten something we have been convicted of by the Holy Spirit, encourage a sorrowful heart, confirm that we are on the right path and so much more.

The Lord's plans for us are always bigger than we imagine.  He is always encouraging us to go further with Him.  He enjoys this. 

He knows it is hard for us at times but He also knows of the great reward of happiness and joy we will receive when we finally get the teaching He has been working on with us.  It is His great joy also and this is how He shares Himself with us.

Step onto the Path of learning and enjoy this walk with your Saviour.

Never forget that He is your Loving Father and will be patient, loving and helpful at all times.