To Discern

09/03/2016 08:48

Friend, as believers in Jesus the Christ, we have a desire to know what the Will of God is for us.

It is innate. The Holy Spirit draws us to seek and search for Knowledge.

But, we need to be sure we are on the Righteous Path. Discernment gives us an advantage.

Our "go to" source of Knowledge is the Holy Bible. It has a wealth of information that is forever giving us new insights as we grow and learn Who God Is. The Holy Spirit is behind this thirst and seeking and "getting" of Knowledge.

The Holy Scriptures are also known as The Living Word Of God, because it's Words though written centuries ago, are relevant today, and The Good News for obvious reasons.

In these days of rampant immorality in every level of society it is imperative that we read and study the Scriptures for ourselves invoking the help of the Holy Spirit who will not lead us astray.

To discern is to have good judgement, my dictionary says.

In order to have good judgement, I need to know what the Bible says. The world tells me it's side of things each and every day through arts and entertainment that entice us and seduce us. When we do not guard our hearts and minds we can be easily led in the worldy way that leads to death of the soul and destruction of the spirit.

We see the effects of worldly ways in the streets of our cities where many have succumbed through the use of drugs that ensnare and enslave. Much is there in the world that we have to discern - exercise good judgement before undertaking and partaking in it.

Each day when awakening after greeting our Lord and thanking Him for a new day, we should decide to look about us and see all the beautiful things God has made for us to enjoy, and focus our day on loveliness, forsaking our old ways.

With the Spirit's help, we will be able to do it.  He is waiting for the opportunity; your trusting agreement;  so He and His angels can surround you in Love and help you to discern Goodness and to "see" the Righteous Path in every decision you make and every path you take.