Trust The Spirit Of God

03/08/2015 09:42

Friend, the Holy Spirit is your friend.  He will always be there for you and is ever interceding on your behalf before the Throne of God for your spiritual wellbeing.

He does not want your soul to be destroyed.  He believes in you and will help you to overcome all that Holy God requires of you. 

Live your days knowing that the Spirit surrounds you and is able to see the clear road ahead and is guiding you towards the Way and away from Hell. All the Holy angels are at His command and He will dispatch them when you have the need, both for you and those you pray for.

Listen for His voice in the whispers of the wind, the rain falling and the silence.  He is constant and always loving your soul and spirit - ever encouraging you to walk forward and get to know the Lord Jesus.

He is the One who has brought you to this place to read and see and hear.  Think on all the things you read here and apply it gently, yet urgently to your life. Search and seek and find within this blog the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Know that you are loved far and above what any human can love.

Let Holy Joy fill your soul and be encouraged and uplifted before your Saviour, Jesus.