08/05/2015 10:26

Friend, put aside the murmurings of unbelief that flood your thoughts.

Give your soul a chance to know Truth, to find Wisdom and to enjoy constant companionship; with Joy and Love and Peace for the soul.

Isn't this what we all crave and search for?

The Holy Spirit is speaking with us all at every moment we are alive on this earth. Do we hear Him? 

Do you hear Him?

We must give ourselves a chance to recognize His voice in our mind and heart.

Start from the position that we are full of sin and can do no good thing ourselves. When we do good to someone else, it is the Spirit's encouragement, and His rationalizing that we hear. 

So take no thanks for what you have done. It is not you, but the Spirit.

How do you feel about that?

Do you want to take the credit yourself and deny the Spirit?

The Bible, God's Holy personal letter to us tells us that it is the Spirit. This then, is how the Lord interprets our good deeds. We get credit from God when we recognize that it is the Spirit; and give thanks and praise to God for the Spirit who works with us daily.

Friend, today, allow the Spirit to receive the glory for your good deeds. Take no thanks yourself. Place yourself in His good hands and allow His urgings to be fulfilled in your life today.

If you stumble or fall or are embarassed, take no heed, keep on the path of righteousness with the Spirit guiding and directing.

Praise Him and thank Him for His Goodness!

He will not take you down evil pathways.