Uninterrupted Felowship With God

09/11/2015 10:46

Friend, the Will of God is to have uninterrupted fellowship with you. Pure Love flowing from Him to you. Blessing and favour graciously given to you. Mercy and Truth poured out over you every morning for you to walk through your day.

Establish that connection to Him. His arms are stretched out towards you.

Will you walk in fellowship with Him?

Quieten your mind to hear only His voice. When you know what you see and hear is not Godly Truth, just deny it in your spirit. Do not accept it.

This is a time to be strict with yourself. Your soul deserves to have all the lovely things that God is freely giving out.

Get rid of the worldly banalities and free up large chunks of space in your mind to be filled with Love, Light, Peace, Truth, Discernment, Grace, Mercy, and Understanding of the Scriptures. 

And pray. Tell the Father of your foolishness. Admit your unfaithfulness and insincerity and pride. Ask for help on your new Path.

Walk closely with Him every day. Be an overcomer with His help. He will walk with you and guide you into a deeper relationship just the Way He knows how; and that is best for your particular circumstances.

Trust the process and be faithful and confident in your new belief.