Unstable - Unfaithful

25/09/2015 10:04

Friend, peace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you!

Welcome, and stay a while. Let the cares of the world fade away as you read on about what God has to say in and among the words written on this blog, to you personally.  Each person "hears" what is for them with the help of the Holy Spirit working within that soul's spirit.

Today I was reminded of how when we are unstable in our walk with the Lord, we can easily become unfaithful to Him.

Evil demons are always lurking around seeking to destroy our relationship with the Most High and Holy One of God.

Their hatred of Him is so great they work day and night against believers.

But, Jesus has said that if we remain close to Him and never give up our belief in Him, He will strengthen us and grow us like a mighty tree, with roots spreading far into the ground and trunk like a mighty oak that will not be bent in the stormy winds, nor will fire burn us to a crisp.

He asks us to be diligent and stay ready with His Word written in our hearts and mind, to confront the demonic wiles; and we will grow so strong that evil will after a time become weary of following us around and getting no desired response. 

Evil will see that you are never  going to relent in your pursuit of Godliness; that you are devoted to Jesus; that you have learned the Way of the Cross and that they are defeated.

In Christ you are a victor, not a victim!