29/04/2015 10:35

Friend, it's time to leave the flat ground and begin the journey uphill.

Spiritually we should be climbing up the mountain of learning.

Many of us get saved and accept the forgiveness and love but when the Spirit asks us to take one step in any direction or climb one step uphill, we balk and refuse to move, rather we stay where we are and enjoy those benefits until our spirit is called home.

Jesus asks us to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit.  The reason being that this is the Way forward for us to receive all the benefits of God's Love for us. 

When we do not pay attention to the Holy Spirit we can fall behind and get lost again.  Almighty God does not want this for us.  His Son was sacrificed for us and if we fall away from belief then His Sacrifice was in vain for that soul.  It hurts the Father's heart.

Do not grieve the Holy Spirit or Father.

Stand up and look around at the souls who are moving uphill.

Break out of your crysalis shell and move!

Join them and learn to be a blessing, learn about the Trinity Godhead, learn how to overcome the bad habits and old spiritually unhealthy ways, learn how to pray and praise and worship.

God has been Merciful, He has given you this new day to begin to move towards Him in faith and joy.