Walk With Him

30/05/2020 20:31

Friend, so many people today are rioting and acting out their anger and fear!

But, friend, don't you hope to live in a civilized society?

It's true, we haven't come as far as we would like with our laws and personal interactions with each other.

Lessons from the Bible tell us that man has invited demonic beings to our tables, where they devour everything we have and turn on us.

Jesus when healing some people of what we would perceive as madness, said it was a demon or a host of demons who had taken control of the person.

These demons do not want us to have any heavenly peace, or peace on earth either!

They offer feelings of anger and fear which seems to be just right for the moment, but in fact is evil disguised trying to get control of our mind and emotions (heart). Or they offer sexual heights that are demonic, not godly that lead us into lustful temptations which lead to abuse of others, sometimes even murder to hide that abuse.

We turn on each other at the drop of a hat!

We gather together in cliques which enables the more aggressive demons to force us to think, in ways we normally would not.

After these grand looting and rioting excursions, the demon led people enjoy the camraderie of others like themselves as they hotly relive all their mad exploits and deeds, gloating over the damage and chaos they helped create.

What they don't know, is that the demons that led them are now rolling around in their midst laughing so hard at them because of how easily they are led, how easily they are deceived from the Truth. 

They love upheaval of any kind because in that chaos, they actually have fun!

Many of those rioters would stop immediately if they knew the Truth. The game they think they are playing for rights for all is not so. Nothing about what they do is Godly.


We get dependent on the gifts of the demons, sexual lusts, greed, envy, sloth, anger, violence, alcohol, mind altering drugs, food, even building up of the body.

We become addicted.

They influence what we see, how we talk, what we think, what we taste and eat, what we hear, how we interact with others, how we dress. 

There isn't any aspect of our lives they do not invade to cause us harm.

Many of us hate the life we live but don't know how to get out of it.

But, friend, it is simple.

Jesus made a Way that the demons hide from us by keeping us busy.

The demons use up our time.

Think about that. We only have so much time here! 

These days they have the many games that take up time.

They have deluded us into thinking that it is great to have used up that time in a fun game, movie, television show, hobby and so forth.

Is it possible to play with these "things" and stay unhooked from the demons?

Yes, but one must be walking closely with Jesus in order to do so.

First each soul should seek to know God. In knowing God we find His Word and we learn in The Word, The Holy Bible what God says about His Son, Jesus.

That He is The Light of the world. 

That He is The Saviour of the world.

That He is The Way out of darkness.

These three are just a few of the Names of our Lord but they must be three that one believes in wholeheartedly.

Accepting Him as Saviour God, means one has the chance to be born-again when the heart is humbled to Him and the mind repents for it's sinfulness.

Have you done this, friend?

Anyone can. If you're alive today, this is a Gift for you from Father God Almighty.

Will you receive it, friend?

If so, I encourage you to get to know Jesus, your Saviour through His Word.

The Apostle Paul wrote many Books in the Bible and he addresses the new believers whom he had the great honour of converting, Greeks, Romans, and Jews.

Read what he says to them and today it is a letter for you from Paul and the Holy Spirit. 

It should touch your soul, the inner part of you that cries out to be saved from this world.

Just, walk with Him for the rest of your days, reading, and learning and testifying to others.

God bless you, friend.