What Does The Lord Offer You?

04/12/2014 08:47

The Lord fulfilled the Word of God that is written about in the Old Testament.

He came to make a Way for us who are not of the House of Israel.

He created a Branch that God grafted to the main vine - the House of Israel and all it's promises and laws.

We are adopted children with all the rights of the children of God.

We have an inheritance the same as theirs.

He accomplished this by being the first born pure and without blemish, Holy Lamb that was a Sacrifice for our sin.

All who believe that God has a Son and His Name is Jesus and that He is fully God with the Father and Holy Spirit, have access to Heaven by the atoning Blood of the Lamb of God.

God loves His children.  He gives good things to His children acccording to their faith in Him to give.

God protects His children according to their needs and their spiritual walk.

God withholds from us when it will be a burden or cause us to be unfaithful to Him.

We are the ones who choose to ignore Him and deny Him.  

He is ever waiting to give us more of Himself - don't be afraid.