Why Church?

14/02/2015 05:35

Friend, the Lord knows our human needs.  In the above scripture He tells us that when we gather together, He is present.

It is a promise.  The Lord does not idly say things that may or may not be true due to fluctuating feelings.  We promise this and that and even as we say it the devil sets about to make us a liar.

But, not so the Lord.  Him we can believe.

When you meet another believer, you can know that in Spirit the Lord is present.  We may be weak and wishy washy but the Lord does what He promises. He is there when two or more are gathered in His Name, Jesus.

In the early days of Christianity, people gathered to speak of Him and teach the Way to Truth and Peace for our souls.

These gatherings grew because people were thirsty for the knowledge of these things.  They actively sought out the teachings by gathering in one another's homes and fellowshipping together with food and discussion of the Word of God and Prayer and laying on of hands for the sick and they praised in voice, enjoying the experience of uplifting their souls and others and encouraging one another.

We still do these things today and you too can ask others to your home to have this fellowship.

Also, every Sunday churches are open all over the free world so that anyone who so desires to have this fellowship may come and begin to know other Christians, to hear the Word of God preached by an elder in the Faith and get connected to the Body of Christ by volunteering their time to serve the church's needs in some way.

Does this happen overnight?  No, just let the Lord guide you.  Be open to finding a new way to learn and grow in faith.

Usually there are Bible study groups and singles groups, and prayer groups, and children's activities groups, hospitality groups to help those in need, overseas missions groups etc.

Begin to ask the Lord in prayer if any of these are for you when you are quickened in the spirit to participate.

Bless you, my friend.