Why Distress Yourself?

04/01/2016 14:34

Friend, look for God in all your circumstances each day.

Are not the circumstances of your day, His Will? They should be for a believer.

Therefore, relax and be calm. Stand steady and know that He is for you and if you are willing to be in his Will and only His Will, He will bring you through to the end of His Will for you.

Do you see that this is the only place to be and to desire to be? His Will.

He can be trusted. He is faithful to those who are faithful to Him and even the one who once was faithful but now is less so, He will be faithful to.

You will see it as you look at each day's proceedings.

Be alert to seeing His Will in action. Desire to behold in a new Light, the Ways and Plans He has for your life.

This journey is the best one for your life. The world talks of journeys but this one my friend, is the Ultimate Journey - resting and abiding in His Will.