Willingness or Wilfulness

19/07/2014 13:54

Willingness or Wilfulness

Dear Friend,  Are you willing to find Love - or is your wilfulness going to impede your spiritual growth?

This is a question to ponder...

Is my spirit willing, or is my flesh wilful to do as it pleases, even though my spirit wills change for me?

Dear one, make an effort to discipline the flesh/mind so the spirit can have it's day in the sunshine too!

Do not deny the spirit who listens to the Holy Spirit of God and is God (Triune God,Son,Spirit).

The Holy Spirit is hovering over you to envelope you in Love, Peace & Truth, anytime you are willing to move forward.

Begin to identify the areas of your life that have your body or mind captured and rebuke them in the name of Jesus, from your life one by one- for there are always many.

Blessings to you in the name of Lord Jesus!