With Each Trial

09/03/2015 21:45

Afflictions come as we enter into times of trouble, and we must seek to see what the lesson is in the trial.  The sooner we recognize the trial and look to Jesus to help us, to forgive us for wrongs committed against others and against Him, the sooner we can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

He always has a blessing at the end of the trial when we overcome and grow spiritually.

So look to be a quick learner and to grow fully and committed to walking spiritually sound.

Our emotions can be quite fickle and we go to and fro jumping from one decision to another in order to "get out" of the trial.  But the Love of the Lord for us is constant, and immovable.

He will see us through the trial when we fully commit to His lead.  It may take a while, as we do not know the Way forward and what it is He wants to accomplish in us.

But just be faithful and wait and look to Him as your Guide, and Friend in all the seasons of your life.

He will never  fail you.  Just know that.  He is working behind the scenes.  We cannot see the mountaiins He is moving and the tsunamis He is holding back or the fire bombs being thrown by the demons who are fighting Him for your soul.

He is making a Way and He will accomplish it as long as it is your desire that He do so.  Just love Him and worship Him and daily ask for forgiveness.

When the demons see your committment to Jesus they will flee.  When they see any hesitation on your part they will keep fighting for your soul.

Victory can and will be yours through your Lord Jesus Christ, the son of Almighty God!